Call for Proposals

The new deadline to submit a proposal is February 15th.


• Online proposal submissions (rubric “submission” on the web site): From Mid-November 2005 to February 15th 2006.

• Proposal Reviews by the Scientific Council: Beginning of February 2006

• Accepted Proposals Announcement: End of February 2006


Go to the “Program” section of the conference where you intend to submit a proposal. (cf. menu)

Presentations formats

Reminder (for more details, go to the “Program” section).

Your presentation(s) should be organized according to one of the four options below:

• Plenary presentations: Offered to all the conference’s attendees (or to the attendees of the two conferences on July 5th). Duration: 40mns + discussion.

• Semi-plenary presentations: (2 speakers presenting in parallel using different languages). Duration: 30 mns + discussion.

• Workshops: They include several presentations on the same topic. Several workshops will be done in parallel. Duration: 20mns + discussion;

• Poster presentations: Posters will be exposed throughout the conferences. Two timeframes will be provided to allow the speakers to present their work. Specific directions regarding the posters’ size and format will be provided later.

When submitting your proposal you will be asked to choose one of the above options. However, the scientific council could eventually accept your proposal and change the format.

Plenary and semi-plenary presentations are exclusively for topics that address a broader audience.
NB: If you want to submit a proposal for a workshop referring to the work of a team, please say so in the "Detailed description" section.

Language(s) of the presentation

Two principles:

First principle: One’s presentation can be done in any languages.

Second principle: We strongly encourage you to have a multilingual presentation. For instance, you could use language A for your oral presentation and use language B for your visuals (PowerPoint, transparencies…)

Therefore, we will differentiate below between monolingual and multilingual presentations.

In case of a multilingual presentation you will make sure that the dicussion will be done in the languages used during the presentation.

Proposal Submission

To submit a proposal go to “online submission” (cf. menu)

You must write the title in the language(s) you will be using during your presentation (maximum 250 characters with space). For instance, in the case of a multilingual presentation German-Basque: [Title in German]/ [Title in Basque].

You will also have to submit two texts: one abstract and one detailed description:

A. The abstract will be mainly used to introduce your presentation (if accepted) in the published conference program. Length: maximum 800 characters with space)

We will differentiate between:

Monolingual presentations:

• If the language or your presentation is French or English you must submit only one abstract (written in the language of your presentation French or English)

• If the language of your presentation is not French or English you must submit two abstracts: One in the language used and one in French or English.

Multilingual presentations

You must submit at least two abstracts including one in French or in English

• If the languages of the presentation are French and English, you must submit a proposal in French and in English.

• If the languages of the presentation are French or English and another language, you must submit an abstract in French or in English and one abstract in the other language.

• If you do not use French or English but other languages, you must submit three abstracts: One in French or in English, one abstract in one of the other languages, and one abstract in a third language placed at the beginning of the “detailed description” box along with the detailed description.

NB: If you use more than three languages (difficult, but why not?) you can also place one abstract in the “detailed description” box but always, you must submit an abstract in French or in English.

B. The detailed description (about 5000 characters with space) will allow the Scientific Council to assess the significance of your proposal.

The detailed description will be written preferably in English or in French.

If your proposal is accepted, all the abstracts will be published in the program.
After submitting your proposal a confirmation message will be immediately sent to you via email.
After reviewing your proposal, the Scientific Council could ask you to make minor changes in order for your proposal to be accepted.
The council could also ask you to modify your abstract to be able to publish it in the program.


You can submit multiple proposals (either for this conference or for the other one).

However, do not submit the same proposal twice to both conferences! If your proposal needs to be reoriented to the other conference the Scientific Council will notify you.

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