Organization Committee

PRESIDENTMichel Candelier
VICE-PRESIDENTSGina Ioannitou, Daniel Luzzati et Danielle Omer
Communication of informationFlorence Rémy- Thomas
Excursions and cultural program Isabelle Limami
FinanceGina Ioannitou
Accommodation, transportation, and food (logement, restauration, transports)Danielle Omer and Francis Bagou
Premises and officesReza Mir-Samii & Jean-François Bourdet
ProgramsMartine Kervran
PublicationDanielle Omer and Gina Ioannitou
Web siteDaniel Luzatti and Francis Bangou
Commercial standsIsabelle Limami & Danielle Coltier
GrantsMichel Candelier
RegistrationsFlorence Rémy- Thomas (Paris III)
TranslationsDanièle Moore & Cécile Sabatier (Vancouver), Françoise Armand (Montréal)
ALA representationDanièle Moore
EDiLiC representationMarie Fenclová (Prague)
Secretariat of the organization committee Intern students
ReceptionIntern students, Annick David (Nantes), Christine Malot (Evreux), Julie Perain (le Mans)

People with no specified geographical locations work for the Université du Maine or are students at this university(e)s.

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