The deadline to register online is june 25th
However, after June 10th, reserving a hotel room when registering online will not be allowed
(Please notice that if you pay with a cheque, your hotel reservation will be validated only if we receive your cheque before June 20th.
From June 11th, people who wants to reserve a room in one of the two affiliated hotels must contact the hotels directly.
- Hôtel « Première classe » (en ville) : 40, Rue Du Vert Galant 72000 Le Mans,
tél : +33 892 707 238, fax +33 2 43 24 58 41
- Hôtel Mister Bed (sur le campus) : rue Héraclite 72000 Le Mans, +33 2 43 24 11 00, fax : +33 2 43 87 07 35,

We suggest you print this page to facilitate your registration.


ALA Conference Registration

• ALA members : 65 euros

• students : 50 euros

• Non-members : 95 euros

EDILIC Conference Registration

• EDILIC members: 50 euros

• Students : 40 euros

• Non-members : 65 euros

Registration for both conferences ALA – EDILIC

• ALA or EDILIC members: 90 euros

• Students : 60 euros

• Non-members : 115 euros

Please Notice That Registrations Close On : May 31st 2006

Members of each association enjoy a reduced registration fee for their association’s conference. One just needs to be a member of one of the associations to qualify for a reduced rate when registering both conferences.

You can buy a membership to either one of the associations when registering.
Then, you will qualify immediately for the reduced rate. Pick the member rate and click on « membership » (ALA or EDILIC) in the « additional items » provided.

ALA Members:
Please note that registration for the conference comes at a reduced rate for members of ALA. If you take out membership before or at the same time as registering you will benefit twofold: you will get the reduced registration rate AND will qualify as members for a year's free subscription to the ALA's in-house quarterly journal LANGUAGE AWARENESS. Annual membership currently costs 27 euros. (£18)

EDiLiC Members:

• According to statutes and decisions agreed during EDiLiC previous General Meetings, people who created language awareness didactic documents within the European programs Evlang and Janua-Linguarum are automatically granted membership of the association. (The conference organization committee will provide the EDiLiC association with the names of people who registered to verify their membership)

• For others, the membership fee, as stated in the statutes, is 13 euros (the equivalent of 20 Swiss francs). The association's activities will be presented during the general assembly that will take place during the EDiLiC Conference.

• People who buy a membership when registering will receive their membership confirmation during the conference. (If, exceptionally anyone wants to receive this confirmation earlier, please request it from the secretary’ office via email at

Student Rates

A student I.D. or any other student identification papers valid for 2005-06 will be requested during the conferences.

Lunches will be provided in the restaurant of a university building, near campus. Each meal costs 10 euros. Meals must be purchased in advance for three days (or five days for people participating to both conferences). (for more details click on the « meals » page in the left hand menu).

Rooms located downtown or the campus will be made available to conference participants at a special rate. There is a limited number of rooms and we recommend that you register quickly to enjoy the concessionary rate.
If you prefer to reserve accommodation, you must pay for your room when registering. Please indicate your choice (campus or downtown) as well as your check-in and check-out. dates when you register. A free bus shuttle between the university and downtown will be provided in the morning and in the evening. (Click on “ accommodation” in the left hand menu)

Additional Items: Events and Activities

The following additional items are also planned :

Association membership :
(see above)

Excursion half day
Amboise castle (guided visit and wine tasting) and cruise on the Loire river (Rochecorbon). The excursion costs 55 euros. Only 60 people. If interested one must register to the excursion when registering to the conference.
(For more details see page « cultural program » in the left-hand menu.)


One can pay by credit card online (preferred) or by cheque. If you choose to pay by a cheque, do not forget to send your cheque in euros with the printout of your registration to the following address : Congrès ALA- EDILIC, Avenue Olivier Messiaen, UFR Lettres, FLE, 72000 Le Mans, France.
If you want your registration to be validated, we must receive your cheque 10 days after your registration the latest.

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